A supernova (commonly known as supernovae or supernovas) is a powerful and extremely luminous explosion of a star. When a supernova occurs, all the particles from the star get released into space creating colorful explosions. The origins of these colors are linked back to luminous color of the star itself.


We created Lamilux Gradient Glass – Ombre Series to help you express your identity, unleash your creativity, and to push the limits of design potential with colors. To reimagine how we can identify ourself and how we can appreciate other’s identity in design.

Keppler Supernova

We have high hopes on what it can do to impact the future of design, but we certainly believe you can took it even further. Now you can choose, you can fuse, or you can push your potential to build a better design with any color you wish with glass. We can’t wait to see what you do next.


Introducing our Acid Etched Mirror, an innovation from the glass industry that will help you create and embolden your design identity. The raw matte color is an expression of the state of innocence, the blank slate of canvass on which we might be able to build our lives upon. Therefore you can add, integrate, or infuse other meaning on top of Acid Etched Mirror to your liking and manifest a new identity from it. We certainly hope that the glass industry can also participate in making a better design for our better world.


We introduced Gold Mirror as a part of the Titanium Mirror Series. More than just an icing on top of the cake, the gold reflective color from the mirror can help you build a story on which design is always based upon. Since sustainability also a part of our DNA, we introduce Mirromax Gold with the titanium mirror technology to make sure that this product will not be corroded and soon to be replaced. Therefore we are excited to integrate the color of this mirror with our theme.

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