Glass which has a reflective too mitigate heat and able to reflect lights



Euro Bronze

5 mm

2140 x 3660 mm

Ford Blue5 mm, 8 mm 2134 x 3302 mm
Euro Grey

5 mm

2140 x 3660 mm



MaxiCool is a solar control glass product, which is produced by depositing a transparent metallic coating onto the glass (clear or tinted float glass). MaxiCool also popularly known as reflective glass product, which offers cool and comfortable interior, as well as reduces the need for air-conditioning.

MaxiCool absorbs and reflects a major proportion of the sun’s direct heat energy more effectively than standard dear or tinted float glass. The mirror like appearance af reflective glass is achieved through the deposition of a metallic coating during glass manufacture, fused into the glass at high temperature, typically known as pyrolytic online coating method. This type of production is sometimes referred to as a ‘hard coat’ glass product. The advantage of this ‘hard coat’ product is h:s durability, and can be handled like a standard square of glass. It is ready to be cut, laminated, heat-strengthened, toughened, and curved (or bent).

MaxiCool may be used in single glazing applications (with coating on surface position #1 or position #2), as well as Insulating Glass Units. MaxiCool is suitable for wide range af applications in residential and commercial buildings.