Premium glass furniture, which has high quality and unique design


"Trick Your Eyes Beautifully"​

Mirror and glass are famous for its confusing effects by reflecting or refracting anything, creates illusions and different perceptions to eyes. Through this chapter one of our journey, we bring the science of visual perception into artistic furnitures and furnishings. Perception refers to interpretation of what we take in through our eyes and not always the same as the reality in front of us. What we see first is our understanding, but if we look and try to understand more, we can have different intrepretations


Glare is a brand under PT Himalaya Abadi as a part of Himalaya Abadi Group. We are exploring premium glass which imported by Himalaya Abadi to create high end and artistic loose furnitures and furnishing with a quirky concept each chapter

We are offering new perspective and idea in furniture and interior industry through our material, design and value. We are strive to provide fresh inspiration and exploration, proudly by local designer and craftmanship.

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